China Hydraulic Pipe Tube Bending Machine

For laying pipelines to carry natural gas and petroleum products, chemical production, oil refineries, aerospace, aviation and shipbuilding industries creation.

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Cutting fluid

Smooth transitions from the tangents into the bend uses Chinese Wisdom

High precision of adjustment

The cycloid motor is used to drive the screw to adjust the bending radius, which is easy to adjust and high precision

Suitable for bending thin wall pipe

Rocker arm adopts center boom structure, which overcomes the distortion of rocker arm by bending moment, with high bending precision and small rotating resistance


Application of Pipe Bending Machine

1. Industrial - Industrial use means used in manufacturing, mining or chemical process or in the operation of factories, processing plants and similar sites.

2. Automotive - Automotive engineers work as part of a team to design, develop, manufacture and test vehicles.

3. Agricultural - Agriculture is the art or science of cultivating soil, growing crops and raising animals.

Commercial Vehicles - Commercial vehicles are a type of motor vehicles used for loading goods or playing passengers.


NO. MODE/Parameters OD Range(mm)  Thrust(t) Bending Radius Bending Angle M.F Power(kw)
1  HY-WG-219 60~219 64 ≤20D 0~180 160~200
2 HY-WG-325 168~325 85 ≤15D 0~180 200~250
3 HY-WG-426  219~426 106 ≤15D 0~180 300~350
4 HY-WG-530 219~530 130 ≤12D 0~180 300~350
5 HY-WG-610 325~630 200 ≤12D 0~180 350~400
6 HY-WG-720 325~720 206 ≤10D 0~180 400~450
7 HY-WG-820 426~820 258 ≤10D 0~180 450~450
8 HY-WG-914 426~914 258 ≤8D 0~180 500~600
9 HY-WG-1020 530~1020 300 ≤8D 0~180 600~800
10 HY-WG-1220 630~1220 337 ≤8D 0~180 600~800
11 HY-WG-1420 720~1420 420 ≤6D 0~180 800~1000
Note: 1.The machines technical parameters is based on pope wall thickness≤20mm.
          2.MAX pipe wall thickness can be 150mm.Machine can be designed according to users requirements.

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