induction heating pipe bending machine

The elbow pusher is designed and manufactured for large-diameter pipeline projects and the growing market demand for elbows of various specifications

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induction coil

Coil gets interlaced magnetism lines from electric power source,not only heating of bent part, but also cooling work piece surface by recycling of cooling water from coil uniformholes

Material: Copper Function

The coil receives staggered magnetic lines from the power supply, which not only heats the curved part, but also recycles the cooling water in the uniform coil to cool the workpiece surface


The hydraulic system of pipe bender is integrated to realize the action of pushing, turning, clamping, loosening, opening and closing of pipe bender


Several major parts of the hydraulic pipe bender machine are the power source mechanism, the clamping and fixing mechanism, the bending radius adjustment mechanism of the elbow, and the propulsion mechanism.

The electrical part of the hydraulic pipe bender is composed of two major systems, namely the heating system and the PLC control system.

The pipe bending machine mainly includes: machine base, main cylinder support plate (including main cylinder), movable push plate, bend clamp wheel platform, bend rocker arm, rocker arm rail, rocker arm shaft, bend combined chuck , Intermediate frequency transformer bracket, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, electrical control system, etc.

We can make the diameter of the bend pipe of the pipe bending machine from 21-1620mm, and the wall thickness from 3-100mm


NO. MODE/Parameters OD Range(mm) Thrust(t) Bending Radius Bending Angle M.F Power(kw)
1 HY-WG-219 60~219 64 ≤20D 0~180 160~200
2 HY-WG-325 168~325 85 ≤15D 0~180 200~250
3 HY-WG-426 219~426 106 ≤15D 0~180 300~350
4 HY-WG-530 219~530 130 ≤12D 0~180 300~350
5 HY-WG-610 325~630 200 ≤12D 0~180 350~400
6 HY-WG-720 325~720 206 ≤10D 0~180 400~450
7 HY-WG-820 426~820 258 ≤10D 0~180 450~450
8 HY-WG-914 426~914 258 ≤8D 0~180 500~600
9 HY-WG-1020 530~1020 300 ≤8D 0~180 600~800
10 HY-WG-1220 630~1220 337 ≤8D 0~180 600~800
11 HY-WG-1420 720~1420 420 ≤8D 0~180 800~1000
Note: 1.The machines technical parameters is based on pope wall thickness≤20mm.
          2.MAX pipe wall thickness can be 150mm.Machine can be designed according to users requirements.



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