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Pipe bending machines are used for bending pipes without creating a thrust. These machines are very effective. Among many industries such as plumbing, mechanical, and architecture, pipe bending machines remain a piece of consistent machinery for the curving of the pipes as per the use


Automatically bending cycle,reduce labor energy


IGBT & KGPS converter offering accurate power control


Famous brands Electric mechanic drives for exact control of the forming process

Easy operate

Accurate clamping system for very accurate bending angles and radii


The pipe bender machine is suitable for industries such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, electric power, and construction.

The principle of the pipe bender adopts induction heating and hydraulic cylinder push system.

The material of the elbow: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

Used for hot bending of various round or square steel pipes, angle irons, channel steels, I-beams, etc.

Pipe benders generally can continuously produce multiple sections of curved steel pipes with multiple curvature radii, generally with a bending radius of 2.5D-6D, and can bend any large-radius elbow according to customer needs.

The bending angle is generally 0-90° or 0-180°

NO. MODE/Parameters OD Range(mm) Thrust(t) Bending Radius Bending Angle M.F Power(kw)
1 HY-WG-219 60~219 64 ≤20D 0~180 160~200
2 HY-WG-325 168~325 85 ≤15D 0~180 200~250
3 HY-WG-426 219~426 106 ≤15D 0~180 300~350
4 HY-WG-530 219~530 130 ≤12D 0~180 300~350
5 HY-WG-610 325~630 200 ≤12D 0~180 350~400
6 HY-WG-720 325~720 206 ≤10D 0~180 400~450
7 HY-WG-820 426~820 258 ≤10D 0~180 450~450
8 HY-WG-914 426~914 258 ≤8D 0~180 500~600
9 HY-WG-1020 530~1020 300 ≤8D 0~180 600~800
10 HY-WG-1220 630~1220 337 ≤8D 0~180 600~800
11 HY-WG-1420 720~1420 420 ≤6D 0~180 800~1000
Note: 1.The machines technical parameters is based on pope wall thickness≤20mm.
          2.MAX pipe wall thickness can be 150mm.Machine can be designed according to users requirements.


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