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Preferred ProductBending radius is adjusted by cycloidal motor drive screw rod adjustment convenient adjustment, high precision

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The hydraulic system

Oil tank, pump station, oil cylinder, oil pipe


Cylinder support, push plate, bottom frame, platform, transformer support, slide rail, rocker arm spindle, card head.

Equipment structure

Heating power supply: induction heating power supply, cooling water circulation system, operating cabinet

 pipe bender machine
technical parameters

1) Raw material steel pipe: seamless steel pipe, straight welded pipe or spiral welded pipe.

2) Elbow radius should be greater than 2.5D(if less than 2.5D, use push bending machine), programmable intelligent control of elbow Angle (elbow Angle can be arbitrarily set within a certain range according to needs)

3) elbow diameter and wall thickness range :φ89~1420mm, wall thickness :φ5~120mm(equipment subsection design and manufacture).

4) The stroke of the main cylinder is determined according to the maximum bending diameter and maximum bending radius (provided by the user).


Equipment structure: base and guide rail, main oil cylinder and support plate, active push plate, bending clamping mechanism, bending rocker arm, bending rocker arm guide rail, bending rocker arm spindle, bending composite chuck, intermediate frequency transformer

Regulating mechanism, medium frequency transformer, medium frequency power supply, intelligent control system, operating table (touch screen), water cooling circulation system.


ltem type PIPE OD(MM) Max.thickness(mm) Max.pushing power(t) Medium frequency power(kva) M.F transformer(kva)
1 HYG-200 76-219 16   100  500
2 HYG-300 76-325 16 65 160 1000
3 HYG-400 108-426 16 84  200 1000
4 HYG-500 159-529 16  106 250 1000
5  HYG-600 159-630 18 130 300 1000
6 HYG-700 219-720 18 160 400 2000
7 HYG-800 219-820 18 206 450 2000
8 HYG-1000 426-1020 20 258 500 3000
9 HYG-1200 426-1220 20 300 600 3000
10 HYG-1400 426-1420 20 337 800 3000


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